Fiction Short Stories

“Holy Incomplete,” Harbinger Journal of Art & Literature. p. 45-52. 2018-2019 Issue. Spring 2019. Harbinger Texas Tech University.

Creative Non-Fiction

“Integral,” Harbinger Journal of Art & Literature. p. 22-24. 2018-2019 Issue. Spring 2019. Harbinger Texas Tech University.

Character Development via Stream of Consciousness

A paper analyzing one aspect of Modernity in James Joyce’s A Portrait of an Artists as a Young Man, written for Modern British Literature ENGL 3309 at Texas Tech University, Fall 2018. Character Development via Stream of Consciousness: Stephen’s Views of Gender Stephen Dedelus, in ‘A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man’ by James Joyce, is an expression of complex character […]

America’s Forgotten Athletes

White Paper assignment for Professional Report Writing ENGL 3365 at Texas Tech University, Spring 2018. America’s Forgotten Athletes: Considering Thoroughbred Horses for Post-Racing Careers Introduction This paper discusses the viability of the Thoroughbred horse in post-racing careers, the benefits to the industry and the affluence of the breed. The American Thoroughbred has been overlooked as […]

Monsters of Medieval England

Term Final paper and Annotated Bibliography documenting my research over the semester and my response. Written for Anglo-Saxon Literature ENGL 3302 at Texash Tech University, December 2017. Monsters of Medieval England: Origins, Relevance and Societal Fears I found in my research that the monsters of Anglo-Saxon literature are more than just good fodder for mythology. […]

Emotions and Machines in Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice

Term Final paper written for Intro to Literary Studies ENGL 2391 at Texas Tech University, December 2017. This in-depth paper highlights Ann Leckie’s use of emotion to connect the reader with the characters. Emotions Used as the Driving Force Behind Making Breq a Human and Anaander Mianaai Machine-like in Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice Ann Leckie’s […]